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So I’m actually a big Ao Kuang main in Jungle. It’s the only god I go same build every game. I go T1 Bancrofts > 2 health pots, 3 mana pots > blink beads/aegis if less aggressive or need to counter > Pen Boots > finish Bancrofts > Telkhines Ring > Demonic Ruin > spear of desolation > Chronos pendant/rod of tahuti depends on preference on. Smite Ao Kuang Ao Kuang Dragon King Of The Eastern Seas Dragon. Ao Kuang Damage Build This Smitefire Build Is Op Joust Smite. Hiruki Viyoutubecom. Super Fast Download Best-Ao-Kuang-Build search HD Youtube HD. Main Trends Cartoons Moto Beekeeping Interesting Survival Animation Road. Ao Kuang Jungle Gameplay Guide The Magical Assassin! SMITE A-Z Conquest Mast. 43,942 views. 2 months ago. 16:29. Smite. This passive makes his build possibilities very versatile. Squall Ao Kuang fires a projectile breath attack that hits the first enemy in its path, doing 35/75/115/150/195 60% of all your magical power magical damage and slowing all enemies in the area around the target. Cost.

Sup people,right now i'm playing so much with Ao,i would like to know if the build I am using now is good, give me constructive criticism the following has this items: Shoes of Focus Demonic Grip Polynomicon Spear of the Magus Shaman's Ring Rod of Tahut it's a main AA build basically and i'm playing very well with her,Arena,Joust and Clash. i. Getting to mid lane to fight for the harpies before the other jungle is pretty critical in the jungle meta right now and boots will help you do that combined with the speed buff. Given how expensive Ao Kuang's build usually is, though, you might consider building into Dynasty Plate Helm after getting boots. For SMITE on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Starting items for jungle Ao kuang?". Wukong 's legendary staff, which he receive from Ao Guang the Dragon King, was able to be manipulated by Wukong 's power. He could stretch it in size, to the height of a mountain, and himself with it, fighting as a giant. When you use Crushing Blow, you gain extra range on that auto attack, with the staff growing in size. 01/02/2015 · Ao Kuang is stupidly good, so why hasn’t he been smacked with a nerf and shot off to the balance zone? My name is Sam and this is OP Plz Nerf, a series about Smite, my favorite MOBA. For this first iteration, we’ll be talking about the ridiculously overpowered jungle god Ao Kuang and why he is.

Welcome to SmiteProBuilds, a tool for the Smite Community that provides quick access to Pro Player's builds. Enter a God or Pro's name in the search box or select. Having been buffed in the past few months, Ao Kuang has moved up the tier list to be a great jungler and mage in general. He gains passive healing now, and his high damage coupled with his execution allow you to quickly take out any god.

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